fb, ig, and domain name

(Entry date Aug. '23)

I’ve made some changes recently, namely, I changed my domain back to my old one which was flutedojo.com (more on that below). I’ve also made the difficult decision to delete my Facebook and Instagram accounts but I’ll be keeping my YouTube. Thank you to those that followed me on those over the years, for all of the comments and likes.

As for the domain name change, when I first made flutedojo.com I envisioned an online shakuhachi dojo or ‘place of the way’ where people could get clear, concise, unbiased, and free information on all things shakuhachi. Since that intention remains the heart of this site and the bulk of my efforts, I felt it best to go back to my original domain name as well. If you have links to any of my old domains I would greatly appreciate having them updated to flutedojo and sorry for the hassle.

I look forward to expanding the content here and on YouTube for you all. Ro on friends.

PS YouTube does not give me, an unpaid creator, control over the nature of the ads they enforce on my videos (only paid creators have access to ad filters). I really wish I could filter out certain ad types…