shakuhachi journal

My Shakuhachi Journal

On this page I chronicle various shakuhachi happenings in my life, such as sharing my experiences harvesting bamboo for shakuhachi, crafting shakuhachi, and more. This journal is fairly new, beginning in '23 with this new website, however, it contains some entries from my previous websites.

Shakuhachi Journal Entries

Apr. 2024 - Shakuhachi Komuso and Identity - practicing in the streets of America

Mar. 2024 - RSI Musician's Injuries

Jan. 2024 - Teaching Shakuhachi in Spain... and Other Changes

Dec. 2023 - My new and final shakuhachi signature

Aug. 2023 - Facebook, Instagram, and Domain name

Oct. 2022 - Unboxing 240+ pieces of old Madaké bamboo from Japan

Sep. 2022 - Saying bye to the Bell Shakuhachi

Jan. 2020 - Harvesting Madaké Bamboo in Japan

Feb. 2015 - My first book, Your Shakuhachi Journey

2013 - Meeting fellow shakuhachi maker Jem Klein

Dec. 2011 - Weaving a shakuhachi Komuso monk Tengai basket hat

Feb. 2009-2023 - My North American Japanese Madaké bamboo harvests

2005 - My first shakuhachi lesson

2001 or 2002 - My first Buddhist teaching or "showing"

2001-20?? - A photo archive of shakuhachi I've made over the years