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Listen to Josen (Jon Kypros)


(Many performances coming soon in 2024… )



My VOIDBOX is a blank canvas on which any object can be placed, resonated, and heard. In early 2021 I designed and crafted the VOIDBOX which is an acoustic-electric instrument that picks up the slightest of vibrations ('noise box'). My unique design allows me to affix countless elements or I can strike or resonate the VOIDBOX itself.

In shakuhachi there's a saying, ichi on Jobutsu or 'one sound Buddhahood/awakening'. Every time I engage with my VOIDBOX I'm taken on a deep dive into completely new and unexpected manifestations of the 'one sound'. With the creation of the VOIDBOX I've birthed something I'll never fully understand or completely explore...

Shakuhachi and VOIDBOX with metal spring