2.4 Shakuhachi For Sale - Murei Jimori 4-23


shakuhachi embouchure

shakuhachi embouchure

shakuhachi embouchure


Type: Jimori shakuhachi, Murei 'above root'
Length: 2.4 73.5cm.
Weight: 260 grams (lighter than most jiari 1.8's which fall between 350~500+ grams, on average).
Finger-holes: large holes, standard off-set for improved ergonomics (right hand playing). Largest holes are 13mm x 12.5mm (3rd is traditionally smaller, 10.6mm).
Pitch: A3 (440hz).
Bindings: fully-bound (wrapped with cord) with lifetime insurance against cracking.

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I offer a full 7 day auditioning period which can be extended under some circumstances.
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