2.0 Shakuhachi For Sale - Root End Jimori 4-23


shakuhachi for sale

shakuhachi for sale

shakuhachi for sale


Type: Jimori shakuhachi.
Length: 2.0 63cm.
Weight: 252 grams (lighter than most jiari 1.8's which fall between 350~500+ grams, on average).
Finger-holes: large holes, standard off-set for improved ergonomics (right hand playing). Largest holes are 12.7mm x 11.4mm.
Pitch: C4 (440hz).

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I offer a full 7 day auditioning period which can be extended under some circumstances.
Refunds are minus shipping and nonrefundable transaction service fees.

Fees for any additional work that is requested is nonrefundable.
While topical bindings for root ends are free on request, returns incur a $150 fee for the labor.