2.4 Shakuhachi For Sale 'Emi-san' - Root End Jimori 4-23

shakuhachi for sale

shakuhachi for sale

shakuhachi for sale

About This Shakuhachi, 'Emi-san'

I crafted this Jimori shakuhachi from bamboo I harvested with my own hands in Japan, near Osaka in 2019. This harvest was a surprise, a gift of sorts from a friend I made named Emi Shibata-san. Emi Shibata manages Komyoji (temple) in Osaka, her husband being the Abbott of the temple and also a friend I made. Her husband loves shakuhachi and plays quite often and enjoys my Bell shakuhachi, which was gifted to him.

One night, after eating a dinner she had prepared, she asked me casually if there was anything I wanted to do while in Japan. I told her that I just planned on harvesting bamboo for shakuhachi and everything else was a nice surprise. Before I knew it, we were speeding down the highway toward a madake bamboo grove behind her sisters house! This was the first piece of bamboo I saw and measured by the light of a cellphone. So I named it after her.


To inquire

To inquire about this shakuhachi, contact me at flutedojo@gmail.com


I offer a full 7 day auditioning period which can be extended under some circumstances. Refunds are minus shipping and nonrefundable transaction service fees.

Fees for any additional work that is requested is nonrefundable. While topical bindings for root ends are free on request, returns incur a $150 fee for the labor.