Shakuhachi teacher and maker Jon Kypros


Welcome to my website. Here you will find a wealth of resources for the shakuhachi. I teach traditional shakuhachi lessons to students all over the world using video chat. I teach distinct regional musical styles which evolved during the Edo period of Japan, mostly in the hands of the komuso monks. I make all of my shakuhachi for sale specifically for the playing of this music. I’m also continually updating my website with quality information on nearly every shakuhachi topic which you can access in my guides section.

I invite you to enjoy a free introductory shakuhachi lesson with me either in person or over the internet using Skype or Google Hangouts (Contact me and I’ll set it up). Taking lessons from the very beginning is the most important and rewarding. I regularly help people to make their first sounds and improve. People often feel that they are not good enough to benefit from lessons but after the first one they are happy and surprised at the progress I help them to make. It’s essential to receive instruction on the fundamentals because this instrument is unlike any other. With lessons I can insure correct and rewarding development which will save you a lot of time and frustration, enabling you to progress with confidence. I welcome you to contact me for help with any of your questions.

As for my flute making, I handcraft each shakuhachi for sale from Japanese madake bamboo which I harvest or personally select. I make natural, organic shakuhachi called “jinashi” which are the original type of instruments used by the komuso monks of the Edo period. I seek to celebrate bamboo by making shakuhachi that honor the spirit that was imparted to them by nature. Each piece of bamboo is a wonderful puzzle to be solved and every shakuhachi is irreplaceable. I find it beautiful that shakuhachi are literally swaying in the breeze as living bamboo. You can also read reviews of my shakuhachi to hear what people are saying about my work. You can find my full bio here.

My free video, “How to play shakuhachi”

In this free instructional video I demonstrate the basics of how to play shakuhachi. I describe how to properly hold the shakuhachi, posture, and how to make a sound. Please visit my shakuhachi guides for many more free videos and articles.