Shakuhachi teacher Jon Kypros

shakuhachi teacher Jon Kypros

Jon Kypros – shakuhachi teacher

Welcome to my website. It is my wish to help you on your journey with the shakuhachi. I teach traditional shakuhachi lessons to students all over the world using video chat. I greatly enjoy helping my students get their first sounds and in making continued progress. I focus solely on music known as honkyoku. I teach distinct regional styles which developed mostly during the Edo period of Japan. Some of these styles were the source material for such masters as Higuchi Taizan (Myoan), Jin Nyodo, and Watazumi.

I also offer my shakuhachi for sale. I am pioneering the use of Japanese Madake bamboo (P. Bambusoides) grown in The US which I personally harvest from established groves. Each grove, and sometimes specific sections of a grove, produce shakuhachi with different characteristics. I intimately know each grove I harvest from as well as the unique sounds they produce. See reviews of my shakuhachi.

You can also find a wealth of free information in the guides section. One of my sincere goals is to offer free quality information on as many shakuhachi topics as I can. Helping to propagate this wonderful instrument in the hearts and minds of people around the world is very close to my heart. I welcome you to contact me for help with any of your questions. 

My free video, “How to play shakuhachi”

My short bio

At the age of twenty I moved to New York City to study shakuhachi music full-time in the Jin Nyodo style. Upon reaching the end of the Jin Nyodo repertoire I decided that I rather learn and teach the original versions of the honkyoku pieces which Jin Nyodo and other masters edited to form their styles. I was able to begin studying these pieces under Justin Senryu in December of 2011 at the age twenty-five. I currently study and teach the various regional styles of honkyoku that I learn from Justin Senryu.