shakuhachi Japanese bamboo flute

angleWelcome to my website. I teach shakuhachi lessons to students worldwide using video chat. I invite you to try a free introductory lesson with me because most things about playing the shakuhachi must be passed down from teacher to student. If you have any questions, or if you would like to meet with me for a lesson, I invite you to cantact me.

The shakuhachi is my callings and I am wholeheartedly committed to preserving some of its oldest forms of music, many of which are dying out in Japan or have already become extinct there. I help to keep these precious forms of music alive by passing them on to my students, thus continuing the centuries old oral tradition of the shakuhachi.

I have the responsibility of being the first American to teach these older forms of shakuhachi music; my teacher Justin Senryu Williams in London being the first foreigner to learn and teach most of these styles outside of Japan.

Additionally, I make an effort to provide many free instructional materials such as my youtube videos and guides. My book, Your Shakuhachi Journey has also helped people with learning this instrument.

I hope you enjoy my site and that you find it informative. You can view my most recent youtube video below…

How to play the shakuhachi